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 impossible to learn poker?

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impossible to learn poker? Empty
PostSubject: impossible to learn poker?   impossible to learn poker? Icon_minitimeSat Dec 10, 2011 7:43 am

Hey, guys i just created account here play poker almost 2 years i was pretty succesfull on Rush poker in FTP in the past

in sit&gos but when i moved to Pstars everything first it was immposible to win in any game just cant beat

fishes...(they are too lucky) after few months i adjusted and started to win small amounts and losing(just staying on the

same bankroll). I decided to move to Cash games But i cant beat them played 5/10 first did some profit then lost and had

to move down to 2/5 here also staying 2 weeks on same bankroll. Today i lost 30% of my bankroll im so tilted ( first time

ever never tilted before) But i think poker is not for me...? I read watch videos. 3 weeks before i played nit now started

to play Tag style but still dont know any keys how to win. when i start playing i always win and after 1 hour i start to

lose.. all the time???

So all in all if i not improved in 2years i just piece of crap in poker?

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impossible to learn poker? Empty
PostSubject: Re: impossible to learn poker?   impossible to learn poker? Icon_minitimeSun Dec 25, 2011 2:41 am

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impossible to learn poker?
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