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 How to clone DVD to Mac?

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How to clone DVD to Mac? Empty
PostSubject: How to clone DVD to Mac?   How to clone DVD to Mac? Icon_minitimeFri Nov 19, 2010 12:46 am

How to clone DVD to Mac?
Mac DVD Cloner is the latest generation of the full-featured DVD copy software for the Mac operating system. It provides you easy-to-use tools and state-of-the-art technology that let you make quality DVD copies for Mac. This DVD Cloner for Mac software is a powerful DVD copying/burning/decrypting tool with its diverse customized copy modes, no matter full disc copy or main movie copy. With only one click, you'll experience the most reliable DVD copy software. The striking fact about the copying power of this program is the simplicity.

Copy DVD 5 to DVD 5 on Mac
Copy single-layer DVD5 movies onto one single-layer (DVD5) DVD+R/RW DVD-R/RW discs.

Copy DVD 9 to DVD 9 on Mac
Copy dual-layer (DVD9) movies onto one dual-layer DVD+R/RW DVD-R/RW discs.

Compress DVD 9 to DVD 5 on Mac
Shrink and copy a dual-layer (DVD9) movie into one single-layer (DVD5) saving disc space in high quality.

Copy DVD to computer Mac for backup
You can also backup DVD to computer Mac, e.g. copy DVD movie to ISO file or DVD folder and backup DVD on your hard drive.

Burn DVD folder/ISO to DVD
The DVD burning can also be done with this Mac DVD Cloner software. Load DVD folder or ISO file as source, and copy ISO file or DVD folder to DVD disc.

How to clone DVD to Mac?
Here is the step-by-step guide to show you how to copy DVD to a DVD folder or ISO file. Surely, you should download, install and launch Mac DVD copy firstly and make sure the DVD you want to copy (source DVD) is at hand.
There are 3 steps of a general Mac DVD copy process:
Step 1: Select DVD source

How to clone DVD to Mac? Source-list

Step2: Select the target
Select the target from the menu.

How to clone DVD to Mac? Target-list

You can save the target as DVD Folder or Image (.iso).
Setting (optional)

How to clone DVD to Mac? Audio-list

This menu means that you can select all, none or part of them to copy into the target DVD. The "Subtitle" means the same.
If you want the DVD copy to contain DVD menu, check "Include Menu". Meanwhile, checking "Skip Menu" means that the player will skip menu when playing copied DVD.

Step 3: Start the clone
Click the "Start" button to start copying your DVD movie to DVD folder or Image (iso)
If there's no empty disc at hand, just follow this how-to and copy DVD to save as DVD folder or ISO file on your Mac for access next time.
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How to clone DVD to Mac?
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