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 Best Software to Transfer More Than Video/Picture/Movie -- iPhone 4 Transfer Platinum

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PostSubject: Best Software to Transfer More Than Video/Picture/Movie -- iPhone 4 Transfer Platinum   Mon Mar 05, 2012 5:59 am

iPhone 4, as a still in player or device, guides all younger and even children to entertain their colorful lives. Even so, some still confused by the limitation of video audio and book format of iPhone 4. You can only put iPhone compatible video like h.264 on your iPhone, which make difficulties for incompatible video/audio lovers. Directly drag and simple copy-paste action won’t work for it. Is there any solution can make the transfer smoothly? Thereby, hoping to solve this headache, I find a very simple and effective way to transfer these files from your computer to iPhone 4 to computer and from computer to your iPhone 4. It is Tipard iPhone 4 Transfer Platinum.

Has solved this targeted problem, what about transfer tool unsupported video formats? Should we first convert video to iPhone 4 compatible format and then transfer them to your iPhone 4 in such a complex method? Or there is means following which video can directly transfer to iPhone 4 over convert? It is known to all that the second solution will be better and simpler. To directly convert your video on computer to your iPhone 4, Tipard iPhone 4 Transfer Platinum can also work it out.

Maybe a question of other surprising about this amazing iPhone software has already been in your mind. How about ripping DVD to iPhone 4? Another amazing thing I can’t helping listing is its unique ability to directly transfer dvd content to iPhone 4. Working as a DVD Ripper, this iPhone 4 transfer software can also rip/convert dvd to iphone 4 compatible format and when you click the icon button for “Transfer”, the convert and transfer procedure will proceed at the same time.

Personalized ringtone will fascinate you? If so, why not make your own iPhone 4 ringtone. Would you like Tipard iPhone 4 Transfer Platinum to help you? It is able to make your special iPhone ringtone. Embody your personality; make your unique iPhone ringtone. Just use this iPhone 4 Transfer Platinum to Make iPhone Ringtone and transfer to your iPhone 4.

More surprisingly, this iPhone 4 Transfer Platinum supports nearly all Apple devices including the latest iPhone 4S. With it, to make direct transfer between two devices has become very simple. Transfer video from iPhone to your iPhone 4? Or transfer picture or music from iPod to your iPhone 4S? It is a feeling of just a piece of cake.

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Best Software to Transfer More Than Video/Picture/Movie -- iPhone 4 Transfer Platinum
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